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BRP DataSuite ERP software is designed to help Metal Processing companies streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. The software’s modules, such as Production Planning, Inventory Management, Financial Management, and Quality Control, provide companies with the tools they need to manage their production processes, inventory, financial operations, and ensure that the quality of their finished products meets the required specifications.

The software’s Shop Floor Management module allows companies to increase visibility into their production process and make more informed decisions, The MRP (Material Requirement Planning) module helps companies plan and manage their material requirements more efficiently, and the Bill of Materials module allows companies to define BOM for each of their finished products with any by-product details and detail tree structured items along with Production Processes.

The software’s Quality Control module allows companies to manage, track and report on quality incidents, manage non-conformance and implement corrective and preventive actions, this helps Metal Processing companies to comply with quality standards and regulations.

In summary, BRP DataSuite ERP software is a comprehensive solution that can help Metal Processing companies optimise their operations, improve efficiency and increase productivity. The software’s modules can be customised to meet the specific needs of the industry and its features are tailored to the unique challenges and requirements of Metal Processing companies.

List of Modules

From quoting to shipping and everything in between, BRP offers real-time visibility into every face of the business
and helps streamline processes to reduce costs and boost profitability

CRM (Inquiry to SO)

Our CRM is highly customised for various industries to manage, engage and create new opportunities, follow ups, targets, quotations & sales orders.

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Purchase (Indent to inward)

Generate purchase orders or book your goods and service purchases save your time and efforts through automation and ease of access

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BOM (Engineering & Design)

Define BOM for each of your finished products with any by-product details and detail tree structured items along with Production Processes

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MRP (Material Requisition & Planning)

People won’t need to do this planning manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone, and your production won’t get disrupted.

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Store / Inventory

BRP inventory functions are extremely capable of managing stock providing reports, processes, tracking, and even smart stocking locations to improve picking and packing.

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Production – Shop Floor management

Managing discrete production is a one step process through BRP. Simply define the bill of materials for each of your products and let the module.

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Quality management helps the industry to inspect and maintain the quality of manufactured items that match the standards for certification

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BRP datasuite is the art of recording, classifying, and summarising financial transactions in a significant manner and interpreting the results without much knowledge of accounting

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Complaint management

Call Handling and Service order Controls. Ensures the efficient, consistent and precise, tracking and reporting of all complaints

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our expertise to all sizes and industries in India and abroad

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